UK-Portishead: School cleaning services.

UK-Portishead: School cleaning services.

Section I: Contracting authority/entity (as stated in the original notice)

I.1) Name and addresses
Lighthouse Schools Partnership
Gordano School, St Mary’s Road, Portishead, BS20 7QR, United Kingdom
Tel. +44 1276673880, Email:
Main Address:

Section II: Object (as stated in the original notice)

II.1) Scope of the procurement

II.1.1) Title: Lighthouse Schools Partnership ~ Cleaning Tender Reference number: Not Provided
II.1.2) Main CPV code:
90919300 - School cleaning services.

II.1.3) Type of contract: SERVICES
II.1.4) Short Description: The successful Supplier will be required to provide cleaning services for Lighthouse Schools Partnership. Twenty-five schools are part of this tender and are split into three hubs (please see below) we are seeking tender submissions on a hub-by-hub basis or for the whole contract (three hubs), however the Lighthouse Schools Partnership reserves the right to award the contract should it be deemed prudent in lots of one, two or three hubs.

Section VI: Complementary information

V1.5) Date of dispatch of this notice: 01/12/2021

VI.6) Original notice reference:

Notice Reference: 2021 - 384148
Notice number in OJ S: Not Provided
Date of dispatch of the original notice: 30/11/2021

Section VII: Changes

VII.1) Information to be changed or added

VII.1.1) Reason for change: Modification of original information submitted by the contracting authority

VII.1.2) Text to be corrected in original notice No: 1

Section Number: II.1.5
Lot No: Not provided
Place of text to be modified: II.1.5
Instead of: £54,000,000
Read: £5,400,000

VII.2) Other additional information: The contracting authority considers that this contract may be suitable for economic operators that are small or medium enterprises (SMEs). However, any selection of tenderers will be based solely on the criteria set out for the procurement.
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